Super Duper Alpha

Hello and welcome to my project! While this game of mine is still in early development it already has many hours of content to play! Maps filled with dangerous enemies and treasures, magical plants that can be grown and harvested, farming animals and even sacrifical goats! Not much of the story is in place yet and there are sure to be bugs everywhere but it is in a very playable state so its time to let some people in.

Current Features Include but are not limited to:

- Random dungeons on the overworld map

- Hireable Mercenaries

- In depth Farming for crops and livestock

- Many static Dungegons with associated quest lines, if you can find them

- dozens of part members to find and unlock!

- Building Construction available in one town currently

- Day and night cycle

- Weather that can be influenced through ritual sacrifice

- Over 100 unique monster types to fight against!

- Upgradeable and craftable equipment

- Killing Rats!

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Apr 16, 2018

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